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Some Crowdfunding Projects Out There That Were Really Out There

There are no limits to the human genius. From Oculus VR, to fashion, to highly anticipated games like Shenmue 3 and Undertale, crowdfunding projects prove time and again that a vast pool of ideas await in society. Yet, the genius has also come up with ideas that can leave people asking – why? These are some projects that do just that.

Flopped – A Consumable(?), Pulsing Pill.

Source: Audiopill.net

The AudioPill was a bizarre miniature sound system housed inside a plastic microcapsule and meant to be swallowed like a pill. Once ingested, it would start beating at a user-preset BPM inside the user.

The creator Jan Strmiska himself states that doctors warned him “to never ever swallow anything like this” and waives all responsibility from himself. With a battery life able to deliver 10 hours of bowel-throbbing hell, and up to 48 hours before the AudioPill passes through your body, this is one contraption that will make you ask Rihanna to quit asking to keep the music going. The community thought the same, and the project never received a single cent of funding.

Even though this pill proved to be a tough one to swallow, somehow people thought swallowing Tide Pods were fine – something we’ll never be able to wrap our fingers around.

Flopped – A Razor That Shaves Using Lasers

Source: Skarp Laser Razor | Indiegogo

The Skarp Laser Razor was one of the biggest projects in 2015. The razor was touted as a bladeless solution for shaving, using lasers to shave off hair instead. The technology was said to reduce abrasions and other discomforts from traditional blades.

However, Kickstarter soon cut the project off after it was discovered that there was no working prototype. Undeterred, the project migrated to Indiegogo, where it received 255% of its funding target.

CNET in 2016 published a video review which found that the razor worked – just not very well. The project creators continue to post updates about new developments as recently as December 2018, however to this date an actual product has yet to hit the masses. Looks like we’ll be sticking to the positively ancient blades from the big names for now.

Flopped (?) – Launching a TARDIS into Space

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This 2013 campaign aimed to put a TARDIS into space – and promised that the size of the TARDIS would increase once enough was crowdfunded, even up to a life-sized replica.

Technically, this project was successful since it raised nearly $90k out of a $33k target, however the creators have not made any further updates since 2015. Disgruntled backers have been leaving comments on the project page as well as on sites like Reddit, but there is no word on when it will finally take off.

Successful – An Upgrade To Your Flyswatter

Source: BugASalt.com

Slapping a housefly with a flyswatter is so passé. The BugASalt is the modern-day representation of the proverb “killing a fly with an axe”. Load up the gun with run-of-the-mill table salt, and shoot that pesky fly out of the air!

Over 10,000 backers demonstrated their hatred for the common fly through this campaign, which began with a $15k target but went on to raise over $577k.

Successful – A Project to Count the Number of Squirrels in a Park

Source: Wikimedia Commons

This argubly nutty Squirrel Census sought to count the population of the very common eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) in Atlanta’s Inman Park in Atlanta. It eventually surpassed its $7,500 target with the blessings of 102 backers.

True to its word, the census was conducted, and its findings presented at an actual event in September 2012 – Inman Park Squirrel Census Data Presentation & Spectacle. Funds also went into printing some 400 infographic posters summarising the data collected during the census.

What other campaigns do you know of? Or have you made any campaigns on your own that people would deem “unconventional” or even strange? Share it with us!

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