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Black Lotus Network Membership

Gain access to our full scope of services available to our members only. Receive exclusive invitations to workshops and seminars, and gain access to our investor networks.

Additionally, enjoy 20% off our marketing services as a Black Lotus Network member, and receive exclusive merchant privileges.

Mentoring & Consultancy

Stay ahead of the rest. Get your questions answered.

Marketing & Investor Relations

Get your idea noticed by the crowd.

Mentoring & Consultancy

Receive quality, in-depth advice and market insights from industry professionals at our fundraising seminars.

Looking to stand out from your competitors by leveraging Blockchain Technology? Our seminars will guide you through the fundamentals involved in bringing your idea to life, such as business valuation, marketing, budgeting, and tokenomics. Get answers to the following questions below, and more.

Business Valuation
  • Who is your business for?
  • What makes it valuable?
  • How can you stay profitable?

Our seminars give you a fundamental point to start and work from.

  • What does an ideal Customer/Client look like?
  • How will your market come to trust that you have the answers?
  • How do you deliver a story that keeps people coming back for more?
  • Wondered how do Tokens work?
  • How much do you need to raise or how much a token should be worth?

Learn how to structure your token’s economics for long-term sustainability, and safeguard your investors.

  • What is budget planning?
  • How should the funds raised be allocated?
  • How should I plan for difficult times?
  • How do you plan for the future of your company?

Talk to our experts at our seminars and find out how Blockchain can transform critical aspects of your enterprise. Seminars are conducted by accredited experts within their industries, with proven track records of long-term success.

Seminar Details:

  • 3 half-day sessions at Parkview Square, Singapore.
  • Refreshments will be provided.
  • Black Lotus Network members enjoy privileged pricing.

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Marketing & Investor Relations

Get your project noticed by the people that matter.

Reach out to the people you need with our expertise and network of accredited partners. Build your organisation’s profile with us and gain access to exclusive investment opportunities.

Press Release Writing

Strengthen and tell the world about yourself through our writing services and distribution network of over 600 publishers around the world.

Conferences and Meetings

As a Black Lotus Network member, Receive direct introductions to partners and investors, and VIP invitations to exclusive networking programmes, ensuring you get the undivided attention of your stakeholders.

Introductions & Preferred Pricing

Receive introductions and special pricing from our preferred fundraising, advertising, and influencer partners.

Package Details
  • Public Relations Services
    • Press Release Writing
    • PR Distribution (over 600 publishers) including USA, Asia Pacific, Global, and crypto publications.
  • Conferences and Meetings
    • Global presence
    • Direct introductions to partners / investors
    • VIP Treatment
    • Invitation to closed Networking
  • Introductions and preferred pricing from all preferred partners:
    • Fundraising
    • Advertising
    • Influencers

** Members gain access to exclusive invitations and VIP treatment at events.

** Black Lotus Network members enjoy a preferential 20% discount on all marketing services.

Please read the relevant disclaimers, available here.

Non-Member Services

30-Day Retainer Consultancy Services

Receive quality, personalised advice to bring your project to greater heights.

Package Details

Up to 25 hours of support, advisory and consultancy services, including:

– PR Consultancy (English)
– Advisory – Proposal materials
– Advisory/Coaching – Investor pitching
– Preferred Pricing to 20% to all conference attendance
– Direct introduction at all events
– Preferential treatment at all post-event networkings
– Optional: Successful Bank Account opening

This service is billed as follows:
Deposit: 50% before commencement
Balance: 50% upon completion of the service period, HZ Capital will extend a discount if the full services are not fully utilised.

Please read the relevant disclaimers, available here.


Placement Agent:

HZ Capital Group may elect to sell Units of the client’s investment through placement agents who are registered broker dealers with customary commission payments paid out of the proceeds of the offering.

No Guarantee of Investment:

HZ Capital Group is conducting this offering on a “best efforts” basis and is not obligated in any way to guarantee subscriptions from investors.

No Minimum Offering Size:

HZ Capital Group is conducting this offering on a “best efforts” basis and is not setting any minimum subscription requirements by investors as a whole. HZ Capital Group intends to accept subscriptions as and when received by accredited investors (and approved by its clients.

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