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6 Crowdfunding and Fundraising Scams That You Should Know

Crowdfunding projects and fundraisers have an inherent problem – you never truly know what will happen to your funds once it changes hands. For some of these funders, these projects below must have left a very sour taste in their mouths. Triton Breathing Gills Image source: CNBC Ever wanted to breathe underwater? The Triton Breathing […]


HZ Capital Group Blockchain Services Consortium Opens Entrepreneur Mentoring And ICO Accelerator

HZ Capital Group is a firm based in Singapore with approximately forty years of collective involvement in the nation’s fiscal, entrepreneurship and investment industries. The firm is set to spearhead a multi-class investment and venture funding in the innovative blockchain technological revolution in Singapore. Deciphering Blockchain To Rejuvenate The Fiscal Industry HZ Capital Group acknowledges […]