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IOT and Applications for Blockchain

More and more things can be connected to the internet these days. The screeching electronic noises of dial-up connections are long a thing of the past. The share of high-speed fibre remains on the rise; in OECD countries, this market share is at 25%, from 12% just eight years ago. This is not even across […]


HZ Capital Group signs Partnership with BloqchainScience LLC.

NEW YORK, NY. After nearly half a year of fruitful collaborations and discussion, HZ capital group finally signs a partnership agreement with BloqchainScience LLC (https://thebloqchain.com). BloqchainScience is an auditor and developer of secure decentralised solutions and has been an integral and invisible cog in several key HZ Capital projects. Founder Dean “Sakis” Karakitsos, ranked #26 […]