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We help make crowdsourcing activities safer & easier using blockchain & smart contract technologies.

These are our key features:




The Picky Eater

Product Validation Platform

The Picky Eater is a challenge & reward lifestyle app powered by the Black Lotus Crowdsourcing system.

It provides a research & marketing platform for F&B businesses to test & launch new ideas by allowing the public to vote on new dishes and recipes.

It improves the chance of a successful product launch through crowd validation & direct engagement with customers.

Black Lotus

Crowdfunding Platform

Black Lotus is an integrated crowdfunding platform that provides Backer’s with tools to monitor & control the release of their funds, while providing Project Creators a record of their credibility which makes it easier to legitimize their projects.

How does it work?

By empowering agreements.

We apply Blockchain powered systems to virtually eliminate fraud while maintaining ease of use.

Who are we helping?

Our users are broadly categorized as:

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