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Lanon Wee

Lanon is a highly experienced co-founder and CEO of an award-winning 13 year old Marketing and Technology agency and currently holds directorships in several startups including a Brand Experience online platform that attracted 20 communities in 3 weeks. He has founded an internationally recognized startup that has gained the respect of International Chambers of Commerce, City Councils and Technology Federations as well as developed partnerships with MNCs, Trade Associations and has been invited as a panelist and speaker for several Fintech and Digital Transformation events.

6 Crowdfunding and Fundraising Scams That You Should Know

Crowdfunding projects and fundraisers have an inherent problem – you never truly know what will happen to your funds once it changes hands. For some of these funders, these projects below must have left a very sour taste in their mouths. Triton Breathing Gills Image source: CNBC Ever wanted to breathe underwater? The Triton Breathing […]


mobile phone and cash

China’s Cashless Society: What It Means For The Future of Payments

Mobile Payments In China China’s booming mobile payment market is well-documented. SCMP reported 81 trillion yuan (US$12.8 trillion) of mobile transactions between January to October 2017, surpassing the 58.8 trillion yuan transacted in 2016 alone. And the trend has held fast – even red packets are being given in digital formats during Chinese New Year. […]


The Beginner's Guide to Crowdfunding

Statista cites the fallout from the 2008 financial crisis as catalyzing the rise of crowdfunding. It provides small businesses easier ways to access credit without the usual hassle that financial institutions are associated with. In 2017, crowdfunding in America generated 17.2 billion USD, while crowdfunding in Asia generated 10.5 billion. Due to its rapidly growing […]


Things to Look Out for in 2019

When one mentions the word “blockchain”, cryptocurrencies and particularly Bitcoin is the one thing that comes immediately to mind to most people. However, Bitcoin is but one single application of the foundational technology known as blockchain. Many other applications exist beyond cryptocurrencies and fintech services, and not just hypothetical – many have already seen some […]