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Lanon Wee

Lanon is a highly experienced co-founder and CEO of an award-winning 13 year old Marketing and Technology agency and currently holds directorships in several startups including a Brand Experience online platform that attracted 20 communities in 3 weeks. He has founded an internationally recognized startup that has gained the respect of International Chambers of Commerce, City Councils and Technology Federations as well as developed partnerships with MNCs, Trade Associations and has been invited as a panelist and speaker for several Fintech and Digital Transformation events.
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Dispute Mediation Without the Mediator

Like any other product or service, crowdfunding platforms need customers. Common sense dictates that no sane customer is going to consume an obviously flawed product. Yet the downsides of crowdfunding have reared its ugly head several times. In a study “Understanding Temporal Backing Patterns in Online Crowdfunding Communities” by Y. Liao it was found that […]