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Monthly Archives: May 2019

News Digest: May #4

Facebook plans to roll out its own crypto by 2020 Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images More details of Facebook’s foray into cryptocurrency and blockchain have emerged, with BBC reporting that their in-house cryptocurrency, “GlobalCoin”, will be rolled out in 2020. It will begin trials by the end of this year (2019) and seeks […]


News Digest: May #3

Microsoft doubles down on blockchain with ID verification Microsoft has announced an early preview of a distributed identity system, designed to be an alternative to “centralised” systems like Facebook Login. The open source project, Ion, could offer a different online identifier to common ones today such as Gmail addresses or usernames. As Microsoft’s Alex Simons […]


News Digest: May #2

TRON fixes bug that could have crashed entire blockchain from a single PC Security is a paramount aspect of any blockchain infrastructure and should never be overlooked. TRON has quietly patched a high severity exploit, which in the report describes that “Using a single machine, an attacker could send a DDoS attack to all or […]


News Digest: May #1

Singapore’s schools begin to issue certificates on blockchain Starting this year, schools in Singapore, such as secondary schools, junior college, polytechnics, and universities will now receive digital certificates secured by blockchain, in addition to their physical certificates. The move is part of an initiative called OpenCerts, jointly developed by SkillsFuture Singapore, Government Technology Agency, the […]