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Monthly Archives: March 2019

How Much Protection Do “Mom-and-Pop” Investors Really Need?

What constitutes a retail investor, or an institutional investor? An institutional investor generally comprises of “whales” – investment banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and private equity investors, to name a few. According to Investopedia, these investors are responsible for about three-quarters of all trade volume on the New York Stock Exchange alone. A retail investor, […]


Will Crowdfunding and Crowdsourcing Replace Traditional Investing?

Crowdfunding Today The financial crisis of 2008 left in its wake unemployment, bankruptcies, and most of all shattered confidence. Institutions, fearing for their bottom lines more than ever, tightened their screening processes. This had the unpleasant side effect of excluding more people from funding – anyone with relatively unknown track records or weren’t “high-profile” enough […]


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Dispute Mediation Without the Mediator

Like any other product or service, crowdfunding platforms need customers. Common sense dictates that no sane customer is going to consume an obviously flawed product. Yet the downsides of crowdfunding have reared its ugly head several times. In a study “Understanding Temporal Backing Patterns in Online Crowdfunding Communities” by Y. Liao it was found that […]